Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Thankfullness, Summertime, and the future..oh and of course face book


Today first let me say I have a few monthly donations and weekly donations that we are so thankful for…while I will not go into every donation I think I will point out two as these are the only weekly donations we receive. These two folks know who they are so let me say to you thank you so much for your very long support of what we do. These two donations make it possible to even get to the Wichita Mission Church each week, most of the time these two donations pay for gas and food. I cannot say how many people have been helped because of you two..I am so very thankful to have you as it eases so much stress to know that these will be there no matter what each week.

We have a Prophetic Ministry/church that has helped our work since well in the 90's by one way or another, their monthly support check pays the electric bills each month for all the ministry, it is very faith-ful and we would long ago been in the dark without their kind ongoing support.

Yes we also have some faithful people that donate by mail and others monthly by pay-pal…we count on these also greatly! We would also be in trouble without these, so yes I am as thankful for these as I am for the others…

Why do you donate or how you found us?

I attribute all donations to our FATHER and those HE uses

Some came from our newsletter that we used to mail out monthly for over 22 years, we are in the process of sending one out now to a select list of people who really want it and need it. This group also has supported us over the many years. The List at one time was around 400 plus people but many of those never offered any-kind of help even with eth newsletter so we can no longer afford to send to them, we would if we could but the cost per newsletter is over a dollar…do the math it adds up…

When we started using the internet around 1999 and I started the news list and mission update list there was not many around for breaking news etc so this email list which more than likely you are reading this on came from that. This list now does not generate much support but the lists are still in used…

Radio came along in 2002 but really did not take off till I started broadcasting on American Voice Radio…since then it has brought some new supporters…for a few years we were one of the very first to archive  our radio programs on the net, now those archives are called podcasts. Many of my radio guest were unknown when they were first on but now so many are very well known book writers and have programs and podcasts of their own…but with now everyone doing you-tube and podcasts it is very hard to compete for new listeners….(we are praying to people will share radio and maybe we can get on other's programs by inavtation!)

Face-book, it does nothing to bring in help for the church at least to date it has not, yes people have moved on to social media and we have many friends but it does not translate to help….

Video, this might help but we really need some upgrades like camera, computer, software, etc in order to do this which now with my wife joining me at 3 radios programs a month video might really help…but that takes some funding…

So with all this support what is the problem…

That is a good question, most of you know the Mission Church is a 120 mile round trip, we drive trucks because of the huge deer population on the roads late at night and early morning when we travel, these are not gas cheap, my truck which has over 308,000 miles on it is a gas hog in which I am waiting to really the engine to go…I paid only $1,500 for it the most I ever paid for a car or truck. Some one recently bought my wife a dependable truck which was the most she ever paid for one…it has less than 150000 miles on it the cost with the insurance, tags, deer bumper, etc ran up to the $10,000 that was donated for this truck, she deserved it but still it does cost in gas is not real cheap. We have driven vehicles that are cheaper but the deer danger is so great and we want to be able to get home…also snow and ice are a consideration…

Electric, gas, water, trash, you know bills have all went way up, they have never gotten shut off except the gas once I think, maybe something else as my wife takes care of paying the bills once money comes in….

Food costs have went way up we have to be ready to feed up to 70 plates of food a day plus up to 15 dozen egg sandwiches (eggs sale at wal mart north rock road 48 cents a dozen and I have no funds for this, let that sink in I have currently a little over $4 period)  One way or another (all by FAITH in the FATHER and HIS SON, doing what we are told) this always gets done now in our 19th year.

This does not include things like Bibles, first aid, counseling, the gospel, clothing, miracle prayers, as well as many other things because we help as needed per person…the needs of the people are still great as when we started…so many people over this time I cannot hardly go anywhere in Wichita and surrounding communities without being recognized and thanked for our help

So what am I trying to say?

We do need your prayers as we have prayed over this and always come back with tell the people on the Mission update list as that is what it was made for….We have many people dependent upon us so we are asking first and foremost for your prayers as the Mission Church is greatly needed, then please pray about supporting what we do if you do not already, if you do already please keep supporting the ministry as your support is still greatly needed, if you have any fund raising ideas share them with us, if you can do web site work and could donate some time let us know, if you have a radio program consider letting us coming on and plug the Mission Church, also we are looking for help to start video ( meaning know how, equipment (computer, camera etc,)

We really, really need some help because in the summer random donations drop like a rock and we are barely making it…

Lift us in prayer help if you can

In HIS Perfect Peace,

Pastor Dan Catlin

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