Saturday, August 15, 2020

Iran fumes, warns of 'dangerous future' for UAE over historic US-brokered deal with Israel | Fox News

Questions Raised About Kamala Harris's Eligibility

BREAKING: Millie Weaver wasn't arrested; she was ABDUCTED by the deep state and is being held for possible interrogation -

Property repossessions hit lowest level since 2005 | Fox Business

Sen. Ted Cruz: China sanctions me again - Communist Party is terrified and lashing out | Fox News

Muslim scholar slams media, Biden for reaction to Trump's 'epic and historic' Israel-UAE peace deal | Fox News

Pentagon launches task force to investigate 'unidentified aerial phenomena' | Fox News

A Transcript Of Pastor Dana Coverstone's Ominous New Prophetic Warning About The End Of 2020 - End Of The American Dream

Turkey: President Erdogan threatens to suspend diplomatic ties with UAE over deal with Israel - Geller Report News

Friday, August 14, 2020

WSJ's Bill McGurn suggests FBI lawyer's plea deal in Durham probe will prompt others to come forward | Fox News

DC police: 41 protesters engaged in 'rioting behaviors' arrested | Fox News

Swalwell says Trump should face 'Crimes Commission' after leaving office | Fox News

Lara Logan accuses mainstream media of waging 'information warfare' with slanted coverage of Antifa, protests | Fox News

Poll finds President Trump's silent majority-they're abundant - Rob Maness

Hillary Clinton Doesn't Have to Sit for Deposition: D.C. Circuit | Law & Crime

Ninth Circuit Strikes Down California Ban on High-Capacity Gun Magazines

(354) Ultimate President Donald J. Trump Funny Moments Compilation 2015/16 - Thug Life - YouTube

Report: Chicago Police Union Begs Feds to Step-in After Soros-Backed Prosecutor Dismisses 25 Thousand Felonies...Some Murders

Biden Seeks Credit for US-Brokered Israel-UAE Agreement: 'I Personally Spent Time .' | CNSNews

Fauci says there is 'no reason' Americans can't vote in person in November | Fox News