Wednesday, November 14, 2018

End Time Radio By Messiah's Branch - Q THE STORM AND A WARNING FROM AN ANGEL..


November 14, 2018 09:44 PM PST

Pastor Dan Interviewed on OMEGA MAN

WARNING from an Angel, as well as some word about Q Anon

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Christian student senator at UC Berkeley harassed for abstaining from pro-LGBTQ vote | Fox News

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FIRE, Radio, and Thanksgiving


My wife changed our phone service ( land line) to a bundled deal that was cheaper by about a $100 a month which also gave me more net speed….GREAT

But when the cable guy was here we came over to my office and found it filled with smoke!  As you know we currently are waiting on a heater to come in by truck…so space heater, I plugged it into two breaker strips to make sure if it heater to break right…NOT a chance, we came it the fire was over WOW! The place should have burnt up as it burnt a hole in the floor right though and the strip completely melted brunt/gone!

Waiting on my son to get home to see if it killed the computer that was plugged in over there to the same place…even if the computers ( production and back up server) over there are messed up the house still stands and the radio and main computer are OK!

However this place is smoked up…..but still a miracle… will not even talk about repairs something that would take another  miracle….

Dinner yesterday ..Chicken  and  4 kinds of noodles with fresh carrots over mashed potatoes at the Mission Church

The people were so very, very Thankful, one disabled woman spent eth day washing the walls she was so thankful for the safe place we provide……NO ONE ASKED HER To…..


We have all the funds we need for Turkeys and the final shopping trip, however we still have things needed before that last shopping trip…

In Short

Lift us in prayer, help when you can,

I still need $210 for radio…..this month

In HIS Perfect Peace,

Pastor Dan Catlin

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